Monday, October 9, 2017

My Seven Second Life Facts Challenge!

My SL Life Fact #1. When I first joined, i was watching
all dogs go to heaven tv series on netflix. I'll tell ya what that theme song is catchy
Also on my first day I landed in korea and I never felt so hot in my life
wearing the Ruth avatar pink polkadot dress XD.

My SL Life Fact #2. I joined a cult. Yeah I joined the bloodlines vampire cult.

I believe i was a Vampire/Lycan or something I cant remember,
this was almost 7 years ago.

My SL Life Fact #3. I enjoyed being animal avatars from time to time and  I still do! I have dinos i have horses
I have a deer avatar, I have some bird avatars and dragons galore. I enjoy fantasy avatars and animal avatars aswell
Even A my little pony avatar, Yes i love My little pony friendship is magic, I have several pony avatars lol.
But yeah, I have a creative imagination! :) Part of Being on SL is also being fun and creative! ^_^

My SL Life Fact #4. Remembering my First Hair Store. I still think about this hair store to this day
and I always wished i knew what happened to it. Callas. She was my first hairstore ever. A stranger
in that store gave me 300L to buy lindens because well, when i first joined i had no money and was unable to purchase
lindens at the current given time. I cant remember which Hair i bought but Yeah, that was my first time
having Lindens and buying my first Hair.

My SL Life Fact #5. My first encounter with a weirdo.
We all encounter the weird ones when we first join a game or whatever.
Well in my case this guy was weird a.f and disturbing. I was hanging around in a sim at a shopping district
where this guy messages me, Saying WILL SEX ME YOU 4 LYMA BEANS. Yes, he said these words. I just.. erm Despite the fact being
a noob back then. lol i knew to block this guy. Weird shit.

My SL Life Fact #6. Anime! During my first 2-3 years i was an anime avatar alot of the times and it was fun.
I was wearing DBZ and sailor moon avatars all the time and went to a dbz sim and fought lol. yeah that was then. long ago.
Regardless, it was fun, I still have those avatars. I put them on rare occassions for fun lol

My SL Life Fact #7. My Final Fact. I designed and became a Blogger.

Around the end of 2015 in December i decided to give designing a try. I bought full perm mesh and I read the rules and I learned
the trait to make textures and stuff, It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed it a lot, I lasted about a year and I made Applier Clothing Aswell.
I gave up on it due to the fact I wasn't getting anywhere and it felt like a huge chore after a long while. I'm Glad i did because I got back into blogging
shortly after i ended my business, I did blogging a bit before i started my business and i enjoyed it a lot. But now that i am a full time Blogger
I have never felt so stress Free. the sponsors i blog for, are amazing and a lot of them I owe my thanks to for giving me a chance to Blog for them, to grow my experience as a Blogger and to Improve as
Both a Photography and a Blogger. Not many sponsors get this but They deserve a lot of gratitude and appreciation. And I appreciate and I am Grateful and Thankful to all my sponsors.
Artizana, !MINT!, Wellmade, ND/MD, Fitmesh Designer Expose [EVENT SPONSOR], WE LOVE TO BLOG GROUP [BLOGGER GROUP FOR MANY DESIGNERS], Alli&Ali, & #Cranked#. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to Blog for you all. Thank you!


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